It is always a great disadvantage to have online issues and lose the photos you have stored in your hard drives or online sites. The cost of losing them can mean financial drain, especially if you used expensive gadgets to take pictures of them, flew in other locations to take nice shots of them and paid for talents to get them perfected. It can also mean lost opportunities especially if you took the shots for important, paying clients. It can also mean lost memories, especially if they have been taken during special occasions.

This is the reason why many people, both consumers and business entities, are looking for online photo backup solutions to make sure not a single one is lost anytime and for any reason. Having a backup online simply means you can always recover your online albums should something happen to the sites where you posted them or to the hard drives where you saved them.

MyOtherDrive: Picture Storage and More

One of the best online photo backup solutions is no other than MyOtherDrive. As the name itself suggest, you have another drive with MyOtherDrive. You can easily back up your files, link them and share them. You can set it up to automatically, back up the files from your PC and all other PCs you have at home or at work and you can rest assured that you won’t lose any of them anymore.

Gain More Access with Mozy

Whether you need to back up files at home, in your company or even if you have an enterprise, you can be sure that Mozy for Home can help you do it in a simple, secured and stable way. They also have a lot of price packages to make online backup affordable for you. Photo sharing, direct file linking and even accessing online backup files through your phone is already made possible by Mozy.

Gain More Effects with Picasa

Picasa is Google’s very own photo sharing website. In addition, you don’t only get to save the original but you can always add more effects on it making file sharing of online albums even more fun and exciting. You can also have side-by-side editing so that you can see the difference between the original and the new photo version.

Lose nothing and gain even more with the latest online photo backup solutions that are available for you today. Checkout their websites and see for yourself which one suits your requirements best.