If you are considering using an online backup service, you need to know all the different aspects and features of the online service. You need to use an online backup service in order to protect your files, should you lose the content in the event of a hardware crash or system hack. However, before you go about using the service, there are some scary things about this backup method you may run into, depending on what you are storing on the system and what you have to do with the files. There are many different online backup services available, and it is important to know what each service offers you and what the possible dangers are.

Monthly Cost

When you use an online service to backup your files, you do have to pay a monthly service fee. This online service fee is required each and every month, and is going to cost you a good amount of money. You also generally need to pay more money for the service if you require additional storage space. This can make it incredible expensive for you to use the service. Even if you only have to backup emails and small files, you still have to get a basic plan that usually gives you up to 5 GB. If you don’t need that much, you’re of course paying for something you’re not using. Therefore you might consider finding a backup service that offers a free account with a minimum size of storage.

Security First

When you use an online backup, you are uploading all your information online. When you upload information online, it is of course susceptible to online hacks. It really depends on the hacker and how bad they want your information. Although this isn’t likely, it is still possible to happen, which makes it important to use a service that provides a large number of preventative measures in order to protect your computer and uploaded files. Be sure to have a close look at some of the security featuresof the online backup you are planning on using. Security should of course be your number one priority when uploading your data into the cloud.

Password Access

Like many other accounts you use online, you need a password and log in account in order to gain access to the information. Should you forget your log in account, it makes it rather difficult to access the backup information and what you need.