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Helping you find the online backup service that’s best for you, that’s why we decided to start this website. There’s plenty of backup services available that all have different features, which doesn’t make it easy to find the one that suits your needs. Through the reviews submitted by other consumers on our website, you’ll most definitely find the backup service that fits your profile.

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Instead of reviewing the different backup services listed on our site ourselves, we let you (the reader) decide which company gets the best position on our site. We let you submit a review of the backup service you use and make the company with the highest number of (positive) reviews rank first on our site.

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If you’re just getting into online data backups, file sharing and cloud computing, then we definitely recommend you to take a look at our online backup blog with tons of tips and interesting articles on this interesting phenomenon. Through our blog we also frequently make online backup service comparisons and write about data protection and file sharing in general.