Acronis True Image Online reviews

Most people, even business owners, don’t back up their files regularly. With Acronis True Image Online, which is the official name of Acronis’ online backup service, you can rest assured that your files are stored safely off-site and are recoverable no matter what happens to your computer. Acronis True Image Online offers secure storage for up to 250 GB of data, which you can access from any computer in the world. Over 2.5 million people are securely backing up their data with Acronis.


Main Features Of Acronis True Image Online

Your data is encrypted, backed up and stored in a guarded online vault. You select the files and folders to be backed up. After the initial backup, Acronis only backs up files that have been altered. You can access the saved versions of any file from the last 45 days. If your files are lost, you can restore them from your Acronis Online backup storage. Unlike other backup services that provide backup to only one computer, Acronis lets you share your service among up to five computers, which is perfect for a small business or a family with multiple computers.

Who Is This Online Backup Service For?

Acronis Online Backup is for anyone who has irreplaceable files, such as family photos, music libraries and documents. Acronis is for the family photographer, students, businesses and writers.

Is Acronis Easy To Use?

You can use your computer while Acronis is performing backups because you can set the amount of bandwidth you want to allow the backup service to use. For example, while you’re working on your computer, you might select a lower amount of bandwidth so your computer doesn’t perform slowly. Then, when you’re away from your computer, you can select a higher bandwidth for Acronis to use while it backs up your files. After the initial backup, Acronis only backs up new files and along with files that have been altered and saved. You can recover your files from any computer simply by logging in with your account information.

Customer Service

Customer Service is available via the Acronis Live Community, email, live chat or phone. Customer service is available in English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Japanese and German.

Pricing of Acronis True Image Online

Acronis True Image Online offers a free one month subscription, after which you can upgrade to a full subscription.

For 49.95, or 4.95 per month, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your irreplaceable files are stored safely no matter what happens to your computer.

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