It is important to backup your computer files, as you never know what might happen to your computer system. Your computer can come under attack from viruses and hackers, the hard drive can fail on you, the computer can fall off of a desk or drop off a truck when you are moving it. No matter what happens to your computer or the files, if you don’t have a backup somewhere, you risk never having the files again. Of course, there are different ways to go about backing up the files, although many of these options revolve around putting the files onto an external hard drive.

The problem with this is, however, damage can occur to the external hard drive also. Unless you have a backup of the backup, you need to have a different option for storing the file information. The best way to go about doing this is through a cloud service. The cloud service is an internet based file backup option, which allows you to installation backup and save files to the internet, which gives you access to these files any time, anywhere, and with just about any device that is able to connect to the internet, including an iPad, iPhone or other smart device.

When you open an account for backing up your files through the cloud, you create an account and password, similar to what you would do when creating an email account. You essentially are able to access the files from any computer with this account and password. You do select how much storage you want, which allows you to upload as little, or as much as you want. Then, you are able to backup the file content to the cloud. You can even upload information from your iPhone and iPhone and other equipment also, should you desire to. However, with these smart devices, you do need an application to properly access the files on the mobile device and upload the content to the cloud.

With the cloud system, you can also use it for file sharing, as individuals with an account on the service are also able to access the content, should you make it available. Of course, when you view the files, you are able to either view the content directly online, or if you need a local version of the files, you can download it directly to the computer or other device.