Backblaze reviews

Headquartered in San Mateo Calif., Backblaze is an online file storage provider. Backblaze is quickly making a name for itself as one of the most affordable file storage options available, and there are several Backblaze reviews from satisfied users. Unlike many online file storage providers, Backblaze offers unlimited backup for the monthly fee of $5. Backblaze automatically backs up all files on a computer except the operating system, temporary files, and applications.


Main Features of Backblaze

Users are able to turn off automatic backup and set a time that is convenient for them for file backup. Backblaze encrypts data that it stores and allows users to have a “private key” that is meant to prevent others from accessing their data. Users have the option of restoring their computer online for free or having a USB or DVD of their files sent to them for a fee.

If a person has multiple computers that he or she would like to back up, Backblaze allows users to back up multiple computers on one account and pay only one monthly fee. With Backblaze, users can track their computer if it is lost or stolen. Computer owners are able to look at any data that is backed up on their computer by unauthorized users. Backblaze is available to Windows and Mac users.

Who is Backblaze for?

People who have a large number of files or who change files frequently can greatly benefit from Backblaze’s online file storage, but anyone who wants the security of online file storage can use Backblaze.


Is Backblaze easy to use?

Backblaze is easy to use. To begin using Backblaze, a person only has to download a small file, and users do not have to manually save their files.

Backblaze’s Customer Service

Backblaze lets users contact customer service through email. After an email has been sent through Backblaze’s website, users can expect to receive customer assistance within one business day.


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