Storing your iPhoto pictures on your local computer can give you the sense of control. However, if something was to happen to your computer, the files could be lost or destroyed. Using an online photo backup service could save you the heartache of losing decades worth of memories. SugarSync can give you the comfort of knowing that your files are secured and stored in the cloud ready for your retrieval.

Tablet Cloud Storage Made Easy

By downloading the iPad app for SugarSync, your tablet can synchronize the folders with all of your computer systems, share files, move images, and store existing images from the tablet to the cloud. From any device your application is installed on, you can sync folders so that all of the devices are sharing the same experience.

Immediately Backup Images Taken from Your iPhone

If you are a “shutter-bug” and have a large collection of photos taken with your iPhone, back them up using SugarSync. Online photo backup can assist in keeping important images safe from deletion. It’s as easy as downloading the iPhone app and logging in to your account. Since the images are now saved in the cloud, you can access them from any location that has internet service.

Cross Platform Sharing with Mac Computers

Many of us have graphic design and photo editing software on the Mac. By connecting to SugarSync, photos taken from your iPhone or iPad can be imported to the program without having to connect the device to the computer. Using wireless connectivity, sharing photos will no longer require a USB cable to connect to your mobile devices. Your Mac will sync folders with your mobile devices through the cloud and access photos directly.

SugarSync Offers Large File Storage for Less

With 5 GB free to start with, you are able to save a couple thousand pictures or songs. Of course, this may vary depending on the size of the file, but you get the idea. SugarSync gives your account 5 GB free with the option to purchase more space. Accounts that are 30 GB or larger come with a free 30-day free trial and start at $4.99 per month. The initial 5 GB is free with no worry of trial expiration. Download the free app and sync your images with your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Its like adding 5 GB to your mobile device storage space for free.