Many online backup solutions offer a mobile app as a sort of periphery feature, some sort of add-on to the rest of their service that barely works, and when it does work; it rarely works well. With the huge shift in both the personal and business spaces towards mobile devices, particularly the iPhone and iPad, this backhanded dismissal is absolutely absurd, and many people have begun looking for a more dedicated solution to backup their phones and tablets. In today’s business world, losing your mobile device can be absolutely devastating, as the amount of work we store on our mobile devices is beginning to exceed the amount of data that we store on our actual computers, but without a good backup solution, those files still remain at risk of disappearing and setting your work back days, weeks, or even months.

Apple Delivers a Disappointment

Many people were excited when Apple introduced their backup solution, iCloud, but iCloud doesn’t come anywhere close to what many other online backup providers can do on desktop and laptop computers. Without a file manager of any kind, iCloud was quickly dismissed by anyone who uses an iPhone for business purposes. Its lack of support for file formats used by other apps that aren’t directly supported by the Apple OS was also extremely disappointing, particularly to people who are required to use Microsoft Word documents for work, or PowerPoint files for a presentation.

Finally, a Custom Designed Mobile Solution

Thankfully, the wait is over and there is finally a dedicated online backup solution for files stored on your mobile devices. iDrive Mobile was made by people who saw the exact same lack in support for mobile platforms that you see every day, the only difference being that they had the resources and the know-how to do something about the problem. iDrive Mobile allows you to backup contacts, files and any documents that might be on your phone, including ones that aren’t supported in any way by iCloud. You can even access these files from your computer, so that if you lose your mobile device, the files that you worked long and hard to create will still be present on the cloud. This innovative new service is definitely worth a try, so we highly recommend you to head over to the IDrive Lite website to give the service a shot.