Choosing the right cloud backup is important regardless of whether you are buying it for your business or personal use. Two of the most popular services out there are ZipCloud and JustCloud. Both of these services will help you backup your files, but they do not offer exactly the same features. Here is a comparison between ZipCloud and JustCloud.


ZipCloud is probably one of the easiest to use services for making backups. With this particular service, they made it so that people don’t have to actively backup their files. They put a big emphasis on the automatic backup process that happens. Once you choose the types of files that you want to sync, it will do it automatically for you in the background. Once the files have been uploaded to the cloud, you can access them from anywhere through the internet. You can sync multiple computers and mobile devices, depending on where you are going to access the files from.

They offer the ability to check your files from an iPhone or an iPad, as well on the Android platform. Another really cool feature that comes with ZipCloud is the ability to share your files with friends if you want to. They have three different plans for you to choose from; you can get 75 GB for $4.95 per month, 250 GB for $5.95 per month or you can get unlimited storage for $6.95 per month. You can read customer reviews of ZipCloud on our site here.


JustCloud is very similar to ZipCloud, but the pricing is a little different. They do their plans on a two-year basis. With a two year contract, you can get the 75 GB plan for $4.49 per month, the 250 GB plan for $4.95 per month, and the unlimited for $6.95 per month. With JustCloud, you can upload your files to a secure server and then access them from your smartphone or from a tablet device.

You can also sync multiple computers and access the files at any time. They also offer a free 14-day trial before you have to pay anything for the service. Just like with ZipCloud, you can also share your files with friends and family members who you choose to work with. This makes it easy to share videos, photos, or work projects. You can read customer reviews of JustCloud on our site here.

Overall, these platforms are very similar. You just have to decide which payment plan seems the most attractive for you to consider for your online backup.