“Do I really need two different backups?” Many consumers ask this question. Businesses typically do not ask this question because they already know the answer. Many of these businesses (especially smaller ones) might have learned the answer to this question the hard way! Many consumers already understand how important local back up is. In today’s world a family’s entire life is stored digitally. This means photographs and videos of the family’s most precious memories are stored as digital files. Even mom and dad’s finance sheets are stored as excel sheets or maybe some other type of digital file.

Losing this stuff could mean a great deal of heartache, and headache, for the family that might have to face such a data loss incident. This is why practicing local backup on devices such as the external hard drive has become a commonplace ritual within many households. This might be the reason that USB stick and writable DVD’s sales have gone through the roof. But the question often comes up regarding whether these hard drives are enough alone. What if they go out? What if these DVD’s break? This is where the second form of backup comes into play. Online backup is reliable. It is actually more reliable than some consumers might first think.

Online Backup Specialists Know How It’s Done

Extra secure cloud storageFirms that offer online backup services are likely more reliable than an external hard drive or a collection or DVD’s. This is because most of the popular firms specialize in these services alone. This means that consumers are not just leaving their data with some fly by night operation! Many of these sites know how important local backup is so they employ specially designed server farms for storing the data of their clients. These firms typically have backups as well. Getting a higher level of data protection would be a very hard thing to do.

Maximum Protection = Cloud Storage + Local Backups

When combing the security of a popular cloud storage firm with the traditional, physical means of backing up data, a consumer is able to better rest at night knowing that his or her family’s data is double protected! When it comes to a family’s digital data, is it actually possible to be too safe? The answer would of course be no! This being said, it might now be easier for some readers to understand why so many consumers prefer to use traditional local backup devices as well as these cloud services.