Best Online Backup Services 2013

To help you choosing an online backup service for your needs, we’ve made a top 10 of the best online backup services based on the customer reviews and ratings from our site:

Looking for reliable, remote backup space? There are now many different companies offering solutions for personal and business use. Here are some things to consider when looking for the best online backup services for home or business.

Name Info

Features & Ease of Use

There are over a dozen possible features to consider when choosing an online backup service, and providers may or may not offer each one. For instance, business and home users alike may want to make sure the service allows them to back up multiple computers or external hard drives. Some may want to run the backup software only when the computer is idle. One available feature is geo-redundant storage, which backs up the data in an additional geographical location. File sharing, automated backup, and file managers are available, but not from every provider. And Mac users need not worry, nearly every provider is Macintosh compatible. Most companies have tutorials on video, a big plus for those new to online storage. Also bear in mind, not all backup services restore the computer’s hard drive, but may only allow access to files.


The current cost of storing data online is surprisingly inexpensive, and technology is driving the price down even further. For a full hard drive backup, the average home user typically needs less than 50GB of storage, while business users may need up to a TB or more. But with some quality providers offering 100′s of gigabytes of data storage for less than $10.00 a month, and most having many of the same features, reliability and customer service becomes king when choosing a backup service.

Customer Service

When an application is on the blink, it can be distressing. But when a hard drive is compromised, restoring it is essential. Having accessible, competent customer service is rarely thought about until needed, but is nearly priceless when disaster strikes. Researching the reliability of a provider is important.

Customer Ratings

Customer ratings can be one of the most dependable tools in finding the best online backup service. While customer reviews are useful, they are limited to one person’s experience. Rating companies utilize the experiences of hundreds of users or more. Business or home user, PC or Mac, the end user is the most reliable source of information, and customer ratings provide an excellent overview of a companies’ performance.