Carbonite Reviews

Carbonite is a service that does secure online data backups to changed files on your computer. This happens automatically in the background and in real time when your computer is connected to the Internet. The backup goes to a high security data center similar to the one used by online banks. The data is encrypted, stored and guarded 24 hours per day.



Main Features of Carbonite

Enjoy unlimited backups for all your files online, including: documents, email, external hard drives, music, operating system, photos, settings, software and video. The data is available through Web and mobile access. With Carbonite Pro, now called Premier, you can do a mirror image of your hard drive to recover in the case of a drive failure. With Premier, you can have the data sent to you by courier rather than having to download a large file.

Who is This Online Backup Service For?

Anyone who stores important data on a computer needs a backup. This includes individuals and families, small businesses with only one or two people, and larger businesses with three or more computers. The service is perfect for those who need to retrieve data if they accidentally delete something, have a hard drive crash or a virus, and who want to retrieve files from remote locations.

Is Carbonite Easy to Use?

It couldn’t be easier. You simply install it, and it backs up all your files. After that, it runs quietly in the background and uploads changed files over the Internet through secure socket layer (SSL) technology to the Carbonite data center.

Customer Service Carbonite

Customer service is easily accessible through online chat, phone and email seven days per week. Additionally, Carbonite has extensive tutorials and videos to teach customers the system.

The service starts at only $59 per year, and you can get a free trial before you start the subscription. Considering that over 50 percent of computer users delete or lose important files every year, Carbonite is a bargain.

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