With everything becoming digitalized and the never ending struggle to have your documents at your finger tips, several companies have come up with a file backup solution. Companies like DropBox and SpiderOak are offer incredible methods for not only sharing your file and data between your devices, but also backing it up for safe keeping against hard drive failures. They even have the ability to un-delete files that you may have deleted by accident. Both online backup companies offer free versions with a limit on how much space you can use.

How Online Backup Services Work

Signing up for, and using online backup and sharing services is a really simple and easy process. Just sign up on their website, then download the software and install. Now you should have a folder that you can place files into, and they will be accessible from any computer with internet access. For most files, it only takes a few seconds for the file to be safely backed-up on their secure servers, so that you don’t have to worry about losing your data. You can now access your files via their website on any computer or smart phone, or even using the installed program.

Why Cloud Based Backup?

When you use a cloud backup service like IDrive, your files are copied to many servers securely, and are safe from hard drive failures that are all too common with home computers. Your files are encrypted so that no one else can view them except for you, and they stay safe from online hackers and viruses. One of the other advantages is the fast and easy access you have to all of your backed-up files. They are available on your home and work computers, as well as your smart phone with just the touch of a button.

Cloud services offer more than just convenient access to your files; they offer speed and reliability too. When you put your files “in the cloud” you are actually placing it on many different servers all across the world, allowing for fast download not only from your homes ISP, but also from web access points across the globe. Coupled with the fact that your files are backed with redundant storage, you can count on never losing your important files ever again.