The first thing a user should do is compare cloud storage between these two services. The Amazon Cloud Drive includes 5 GB of free storage, and offers another 20 GB for only $20 a year. This is vastly cheaper than Google’s yearly service, which costs three times that. But you get what you pay for, as Google will give you 100 GB of storage, plus 25 GB more for Gmail. And for people in need of lots of space with Google Apps accounts can rent up to sixteen additional terabytes.

One feature that differentiates Amazon’s service is that file size is not restricted whatsoever. This is in stark contrast to Google’s file size limit of 10 GB. This is nothing that will hinder most users, but might prevent you from keeping all your high definition audio and video collections online.

The Best Music Hosting?

Users who intend to host their music in the cloud have to be especially careful in choosing which service to use. While Google’s Music Beta allows you to keep twenty thousand tracks for free, that service is for a limited time only. On the other hand, Amazon’s Drive is tied to their online music player service, which can only be accessed in the United States. So while Amazon’s service will let you listen to your songs forever on any devicewith a browser, you can only do so in America.

Amazon’s Limitations

Between Amazon’s ultimately superior music plan and Google’s price tag, it would appear that Amazon is a winning deal. But users should also take notice that Amazon’s service does not sync your files up with the cloud, it only hosts files within it. This means a lot of copying files around for users, and it also helps explain why the service is so cheap. Finally, the Cloud Drive doesn’t support sharing files with others, and the cloud music streaming only works inside the United States.

The Bottom Line

Because both Amazon and Google Drive work on the same platforms, including your iPhone and iPad, determining which to use really depends on who you are and what you need stored. If you’re already very invested in Google’s products, like Gmail, Google docs, Google apps, etc, you might find it simpler just to use Google Drive. If you’re hosting smaller files like photos, and you’re looking for a cheaper service, go with Amazon.