CloudBerry reviews

CloudBerry is a set of cloud storage tools that offers a host of online backup service products including S3 Explorer and those for the mac. CloudBerry is a compilation of cloud storage tools under the aegis of the one company name, CloudBerry. This online backup service was set up 3 years ago by a collection of talented IT programmers that had the goal to help businesses adopt Cloud computing and end the gap that was open between Cloud vendors and consumer needs through the creation of creative low-cost solutions.

Main Features of CloudBerry

The main product, CloudBerry Explorer, makes it so extremely easy to manage files in the cloud. It imbues the user experience with a leading user interface to interface with Amazon S3 accounts, files, and buckets too. CloudBerry enables you to control your files in the cloud just like you could on your local computer. The whole system is built on a Microsoft .NET platform, and it has hundreds of users at Fortune 500 companies too.

Some of the features of CloudBerry include the following:

  • Amazon S3
  • Powershell
  • Compression
  • Encryption
  • Search

Who is This Online Backup Service for?

CloudBerry is a safe online backup and storage solution for consumers and businesses to store backup copies of files in online storage. It is a robust backup and restore program that has the intense power of Amazon S3 technology. Disaster recovery plan programs are now simple, durable, and cheap. Many Fortune 500 companies use CloudBerry services so it’s for very big businesses too.

Is CloudBerry Easy to Use?

CloudBerry is very easy to use because there are so many products to choose from that suit your situation. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. There are over a dozen products.

Customer Service CloudBerry Online Backup

CloudBerry customer service is very easy to use. There is a simple send-in form on the Contact page that makes it easy to send mail. A phone number and address is also listed because CloudBerry is very transparent.

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