One of the most challenging things about technology is its ability to take care of important daily tasks yet break down easily at unexpected and inconvenient times. People rely on computers daily to work and to play but when computer storage isn’t reliable enough to handle daily problems and issues, many people choose to turn to outside sources. Storage is a very big concern when buying or owning a computer and when it isn’t enough to handle data or when one expects their computer to quit, choosing online storage may be a very viable option.

Code 42 Expanding Its Business

Code 42 recently completed a campaign to raise 52.5 million dollars. Its aim is to increase company growth while expanding into the business and tech markets. Many people find that this company is extremely beneficial and efficient at what it does. As technology sees an increase, there is an unfortunate byproduct that many people are not fond of. Malfunctions often happen as a result of prolonged use of computers and when this happens many people turn to outside resources. With its recently funded programs, services and mobile apps, Code 42 aims to provide a vital service to those who find that they have valuable data that needs to be backed up and protected.

Who is Code 42?

Code 42 has been a trusted name in online storage for quite a while. This company’s aim is to provide a safe haven for data that has been compromised due to faulty hardware on computers. This means that Code 42 offers storage space for you to place your data, as a backup plan. Many people take advantage of this because is extremely convenient and is a great way to save valuable data in case something goes wrong. One of the most popular methods that this company achieves its goal is by providing the CrashPlan PRO package.

CrashPlan PRO

This service is designed to offer a plethora of features at the disposal of the user. One of the most promising packages that Code 42 offers, the CrashPlan has recently seen an increase in its facilities and features due to an increase in funds. Growth is always important when maintaining a company and Code 42 has recently been fortunate enough to raise a great deal of funds, which it plans to put towards its products and services. This means that the CrashPlan PRO will see a great increase and the features will become more abundant, allowing users to take full advantage of its backup capabilities.