If you’ve used an online backup service yourself before, the reason you probably started to look for an alternative to that service was the upload times of your files into the online backup system. Speeds can vary based on the service provider and the type of account held with them. Typically free services are under the strain of the collective user base accessing their accounts at any one time. Slower speeds when backing up will essentially mean that there is a problem on either end.

Checking the Upload Speed

Performing a simple speed test for your connection to the online backup service will determine how well items are being backed up to the storage server. Many services will have an active speed monitoring option which can be checked manually or will be clearly visible with the software or website. In many cases, this speed will be throttled by the backup service to accommodate for idle usage. This means that larger files which take longer to backup on any connection because the service will only upload at close to full bandwidth speed of the active connection.

Fortunately some services will allow you to remove the limits of the upload and download speeds, which in turn will allow for full access of the network if unshared with other bandwidth consuming services. It is also important to remember that the data transfer speed of certain devices will vary depending on how they are connected. This often means that a device connected directly to the internet via cable may be faster than one on wireless access or vice versa.

Factors Which Slow Down Upload Speeds

One of the other issues that can affect the quality of the upload to the server is the auto sync option that is enabled with most services. This automatic process allows any file that hasn’t yet been uploaded to the server or downloaded to the device to be exchanged while the process is in operation. If the account is shared between several users or machines, it can easily paginate a large queue of files to process in this fashion. This action can actually drain available bandwidth speeds which in turn slow down the total connection speed in both the up and down streams. So just remember not to forget about upload speeds whenever you consider choosing a backup service as it may affect the service enough to cause issues in the future.