In the business world, most employees have no need to worry about the cost of whatever solution that their company uses for online backups. However, not everyone who wants to use cloud storage solutions uses it for business. There are many different uses for online storage solutions like Dropbox and Zipcloud, and one of the most popular uses beyond business is for students. The idea of being able to work on papers and projects from anywhere and any computer by simply logging into the cloud is very appealing to students, but they also have a problem that the businessman does not. Most students live on an extremely limited budget, and will likely be looking for free cloud storage.

Dropbox – Who It’s For

This is where Dropboxreally shines. As a free user, you get to enjoy 2GB of storage which is great for documents and other study-related things like Photoshop files and the like. Of course, if you need more storage, Dropbox becomes exponentially more expensive very quickly, which leaves a nice gap for a service that offers more storage than 2 gigabytes, but remains relatively cheap.

ZipCloud – A More Spacious Arrangement

And that is where ZipCloud comes in. Relatively inexpensive at $4.95 each month, ZipCloud offers 75 gigabytes of storage, way above and beyond what you can purchase from Dropbox for that price. Zipcloud also offers full encryption of all files for the security conscious, and can be scheduled to do backups at a specific point in time, unlike Dropbox which syncs constantly to make sure that the files stay updated.

Making the Choice

At the end of the day, it comes down to what you plan on using your cloud service for. If all you need to do is store small files like documents and Photoshop projects, Dropbox is completely serviceable. However, if you have a need for backing up much larger files, ZipCloud offers a service that is relatively cheap for an extremely large amount of storage, and let’s be completely honest; at 75 gigabytes, you are far more limited by your upload speed than you are limited by the size of your storage.