Dropbox reviews

Using cloud storage services to back up data and sync files between multiple computers is all the rage these days. The most popular service for both casual and corporate users is undoubtedly Dropbox, an easy to use cloud storage program. You can log in to Dropbox using your PC, your Android phone, and even your iPad to save files or share them with colleagues.

Main Features of Dropbox

The major feature of Dropbox is their online storage and backup functionality. They offer an initial 2 GB of free online storage right off the bat to anyone who signs up for an account. You can get up to 8 GB of space for free just by referring friends and co-workers to sign up for the service through a unique referral link.

Who is This Online Backup Service For?

Virtually anyone can benefit from the secure online backups that Dropbox is capable of handling. It’s so easy to setup and configure that practically any person can work with it regardless of technical knowledge or computer savvy.

Is Dropbox Easy to Use?

One of the main selling points of Dropbox is that it’s both cross-platform and user-friendly. Whether you use Windows, Linux, or Mac, Dropbox offers a client installer application that will work with any operating system. All you have to do is download the program, and it’ll set itself up on your desktop in under a minute. Then you can drag and drop files into your Dropbox folder to upload them to Dropbox’s servers.

Dropbox Customer Service

In general, Dropbox is dead simple to use and generally free of the kind of mishaps and lost data that have dogged other online backup companies. Nevertheless, they feature terrific customer support if a problem happens to arise.

If the term “cloud computing” frightens you, Dropboxshould go a long way in allaying your fears. All it takes is a few days working with their online storage service to realize that your data is safe on their servers. Once you’ve experienced file-sharing and online backup with Dropbox, you’ll wonder how you ever did without.

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