Egnyte, the top source of Cloud as well as hybrid cloud file sharing solutions for corporate houses, recently declared the “Box Buster Buyout program”. The Box Buster Program lets users to switch to a corresponding package at Egnyte without any charge for the entire period of 2012, i.e. a free resettlement towards the better side. There are many scenarios where Egnyte outperforms Box.

If you are not concerned with who sees what files and who has access to which folders, if you are concerned with just getting the work done faster without having a secure system, you can be contented with Box as all the security features are provided by Egnyte only.

If you are bothered about the size and mostly deal with multimedia and web-design files and require a large storage with respect to your files, if you need to give a proper and precise access of your data to your selected officemates – then only Egnyte is a viable solution.

If you want to use the cloud storage as well as need well facilitated local access to your files with enhanced business backups only Egnyte can provide this.

If you have been living under the rocks, only then you would have not heard of Egnyte and other enterprise backup and file sharing services. The Egnyte Hybrid Cloud file server is used by businesses and entrepreneurs to share over a billion files on daily basis. It goes to the credit of the unique technology provided by Egnyte that you can avail the dual benefit of momentum and security of local storage with convenience of the cloud. Users get the facility to effortlessly store, access, share and backup their files, round the corner the IT controls and put into effect the business policy with its centralized administration.

The scheme is available to Box customers who are paying members since two months or more and are ready to signup with Egnyte for at least one year of service.

Many customers believe that only Egnyte can provide them the right solution with respect to their requirements with facilities such as giving secure access as well as different levels and types of access to employees, clients and other people no matter from where they are making their reach and no matter what type of appliance laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone they are using. To stress further about the viability of Egnyte, it would be worth to mention that hybrid cloud approach indicates that Egnyte users always have easy access to their clients data that is placed on a NAS device behind the firewall, which provides both clients and businesses an extra level of comfort.