Elephant Drive reviews

ElephantDrive is an online backup service that aims to automate, organize and protect your data utilizing top-notch security measures. They are a leader in providing cloud storage in an easy to use format. With acclaim from media and technology industry professionals like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and PC World, you are ensured that Elephant Drive will live up to its expectations with the simple, safe and secure backups promised.

Main features of ElephantDrive

The user-friendly software consists of a simple, downloadable ElephantDesktop that provides a gateway to unlimited online file storage. Upload photos, videos and other data files to share with friends and family safely and with ease.

Military grade security is always changing to meet the needs and threats in today’s digital universe: hackers beware! Your data is on lockdown physically, in a controlled temperature building with protection from flood, fire or any other Murphy’s Law equivalent. No matter what level of account you have, the software gives you online backup and storage that is automatic, and access to data from any device with internet capabilities, including your iPhone.

Who is this Online Backup Service for?

Elephant Drive is geared for personal or business use. They offer three account types: a free lite account, a home plan, or an enterprise account. All three types offer the same main features of cloud storage.

Is ElephantDrive Easy to Use?

The answer: yes. ElephantDrive has condensed getting started into three easy steps. Create an account, download ElephantDrive and upload, backup, access or share files from anywhere and at anytime.

Customer Service ElephantDrive Online Backup

The central focus of this company is always on the customer. Their website is a plethora of information the customer will find useful. The tutorials and FAQ’s cover getting started, backup and pricing issues. They offer feedback and support forms that allow for customer input into the service. You can always find them via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.

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