It’s a fact, file sharing increases productivity. The process allows employees to easily share files between each other without having to email them around. Anyone who possesses a basic understanding of computers knows that installing a network lets makes it easier for a user outside of the network to access the data on the computers. If a local area network is connected to the Internet, which most modern computer networks are, anyone with the necessary knowledge and Internet connection can access the files. The process of setting up file sharing exposes each computer on the network to new risks.

Making Your IT Infrastructure Waterproof

Despite the risks, secure data storage is possible, even over a connection that is wired to the world’s largest computer network. The process of setting up secure data storage includes data encryption, setting up firewalls, and making sure the users choose strong passwords. Users will be able to password their own files for an additional level of security. No security system is foolproof, but the IT staff can minimize the risk of a data breech trough proper planning. They can also set up a collaborative workspace.

The collaborative workspace lets users across the network access project files. File syncing can make sure that files needed for the project are updated on a regular basis. Syncing can be set up to run automatically every day. The software should move the files from designated user files and make them available to everyone working on a project.

Proper File Sharing in Your Company

Network administrators who set the software correctly know that the data is secure from unwanted intrusions. The managers want their data to be accessible only to the people who need to know it. Proper security routines help the company keep its trade secrets. Proper security may not prevent the occasional information leak.

An employer can use secure data storage and file sharing to improve the overall level of productivity in the workplace. No one can guarantee that they a given business will receive a productivity boost because of an upgrade in their service.