IBackup reviews

IBackup offers an online file service, data backup and data sharing platform for businesses and individuals around the world. Over 50,000 small businesses have entrusted their data to IBackup and with a very good reason; IBackup reviews have been extremely positive, including strong kudos from PC World Magazine who said, “Our favorite backup service is IBackup.”



Main Features of IBackup

IBackup offers online backups for multiple server types along with PC and Mac computers and Linux/Unix. Those needing to backup a large of amount of data to begin the process will be assisted by a temporary storage device provided by IBackup. Users can backup an unlimited amount of computers, as long as they stay within the amount of storage space that they’ve purchased. IBackup features the option to recover data deleted within the last 30 days.

Who is This Online Backup Service for?

Anyone with a large amount of important data should consider opening an account with IBackup. The system is optimized for usage by businesses and includes enhances data security to ensure that your information stays safe.

Is IBackup Easy to Use?

The IBackup software is extremely easy to use and features drag and drop functionality. It also pre-selects the most commonly backed up files for you and schedules regular backups on its own. You’ll be able to easily add items to the backup list, even if you’re not exactly computer savvy.

Customer Service IBackup Online Backup

IBackup offers comprehensive customer service, with techs available to assist you 12 hours a day, Monday – Friday, via phone or e-mail. The ease of contacting someone is one of the many reasons why IBackup Professional is the perfect choice for your backup, storage and file sharing needs.

IBackup: Works on Both PC and Mac

Unlike similar programs, IBackup has been manufactured to work with both PCs and Macs. It also works with iPhones, making it the best one stop solution for businesses and individuals who are working with data across multiple platforms.

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