IDrive review

IDrive is an online backup service for PCs, Macs, and smartphones. Computer users who have just a few important files can take advantage of a free online backupoffered by IDrive. While using this free service, users should check out the premium data backup solutions the company offers. For example, iDrive Lite can perform an online iPhone backup. Another program called IDriveSync makes sure that the latest changes to files on a hard drive are securely backed-up online.

Main Features of IDrive

Users of IDrive must download and install a small program that manages their backups. Anyone can try IDrive by signing up for a free account with 5 GB of online storage. After trying the service, users can buy a subscription that provides more storage. After the installation completes, it takes only two clicks to start protecting important data by backing it up online. The software continually monitors backed-up files and immediately copies any changed files to the online backup service. This continuous data protection means that computer and smartphone users can always recover their most-recent files.

The backup service will copy files even if they are open and in use, so computer users can continue using their computer even while IDrive is active. IDrive can even backup files on mapped network drives and external drives, even if the user’s computer is logged off.

Who is This Online Backup Service for?

The IDrive backup service is for computer and smartphone users who want to ensure they will not lose their important files should their device crash. In the event of a storage failure, users can easily restore the most recent version of backed-up files to a new device. A service called IDriveSync makes sure the computer always copies altered files to IDrive’s online storage.

Is IDrive Easy to Use?

Ease of use is a strong attribute of IDrive. After installing a small program on their computer, users just click the mouse and IDrive starts copying their files. IDrive backups work in the background, so users can work as the backup proceeds.

Customer Service IDrive

Customers can contact IDrive via telephone, online chat, email or an online feedback form. Separate departments are available for sales, technical support and billing, so whatever your problem is; you’ll most definitely find immediate help!

What Exactly is IDrive Lite?

Smartphone users who only need to keep a copy of their contacts list backed up can use iDrive Lite. This application does not backup files or images: just contacts. Uses can download iDrive Lite for iPhone, Android or BlackBerry from Android Market, BlackBerry AppWorld and Apple iTunes Store.

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