Many of the concerns we hear from people who consider moving their data and business into the cloud, is that they don’t think it will work since they’re using multiple different devices with different operating systems. “I’m using a Mac, my smartphone is running Android and my secretary is using a Windows 7 PC. How will I manage to integrate everything?” Is a situation that may be recognizable to many, except for a different combination of devices then. Ian Leighfield from JustCloud, an online storage provider specialised in cloud computing, will take away any concerns you may have on this subject in this article.

Mac or PC – They All Work Together

With a decent cloud storage tool, it simply doesn’t matter on which device you’re accessing your files. As long as you choose a provider that makes sure its software is available on all needed browsers or develops different apps for all these different platforms, then you can access your files on Macs, PC’s, smartphones,… JustCloudoffers fantastic sync capability throughout all its services, allowing all Mac and Windows devices to seamlessly connect at any time.

Sync it All Automatically

In our ever growing need to connect and share, these services should be a necessity when shopping for a suitable online backup and cloud storage provider. Through our fantastic “sync” feature, users are now able to connect via multiple devices, sync files between them, download files between them, and have the freedom to access them whenever they want, where ever they want. The basic sync feature is included free of charge, on all JustCloud products and service. Once set, the sync feature will allow users to store files across multiple computers at any time, allowing for changes to be made and saved, at no extra cost.

Security First

Is all of this cloud computing and file sharing safe you ask? Renowned cloud storage companies like JustCloud make sure that your files are encrypted and stored on secure servers at all times. No matter on what computer, smartphone or tablet you’re accessing your files; you can always rely on your app for encrypting your files when they’re being retrieved from the cloud and uploaded again for storage. Even while working in the file stored, you are 100% sure that your file can’t get corrupted and stays in the right hands or better said – the right cloud.