We got in touch with CloudBerry Lab’s Alexander Negrash and got to ask him a few questions about CloudBerry’s online backup solution. The company started back in 2008, and started building its cloud storage and computing products simply out of necessity. Today CloudBerry is one of the best providers on the market if you want to have full control over your online backup process, while having access to a range of different technologies available to further handle this data. Alexander is very excited about their new virtual drive software that will allow people to use cloud storage as if it were a local disk.

1. Why did you guys start an online backup company?

Back in 2008 when we started to work with Amazon S3 there was no AWS console, clear documentation and there were few third party tools to help exploit S3. So we decided to make a simple desktop client with file manager functionality to help store and manage files on S3. As a result we came up with an FTP-like client in the best traditions of Norton Commander. The next step was CloudBerry Backup designed to leverage public cloud storages for online backup.

2. What differentiates your company from other backup services?

First of all our backup solution comes with a solid set of features such as real-time backup and block level updates and helps automated data backup to Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and other cloud storage. Also, CloudBerry Backup allows you to have full control over the backup process and the destination of your backup (cloud storage) independently from each other. The users should sign up for cloud storage independently and CloudBerry Lab doesn’t have access to their data. Combination of a standalone program and public cloud storage provides the true security to our customers and differentiates form other backup solutions.

3. Could you tell us a bit more about the culture in your company?

Our company is trying to do what works best for our customers and trying to stay ahead of the market trends.

4. How has the growth of your company been over the last few months?

We see steady growth in sales and looking forward to grow the team.

5. Why should a (small) business owner pick you as his/her online backup solution?

I can point out 3 main reasons: (1) CloudBerry Backup is a one-time purchase; (2) our customers can choose cloud storage which fits their requirements and pay direct storage cost to the chosen provider; (3) all data is in the customer’s possession and can be restored even without CloudBerry software.

6. What’s the most amazing data number that you can share with our readers? (e.g. the amount of new data stored on your servers each day, total storage room on your service,…)

Every day our customers back up around 2TB of data and the number is growing.

7. What does the future hold for your company? Could you give us a hint on what the next big new feature for your service will be?

Perhaps the next big thing for our company is going to be the virtual drive software that will allow working with cloud storage as with a local disk. Customers can sign up for beta already. Another big thing is a Dropbox-like sync functionality that we plan to add to our backup software.

8. What tips would you like to give readers to move into the cloud, apart from backing up?

Clouds are good for sharing content. For instance if you want to share something that is too big to push through email, you can upload those files (of any size) to cloud storage and easily generate web links for uploaded objects or grant (un)limited access permissions to uploaded data.