For our series of interviews with online backup companies, we recently had the chance to interview Ian Leighfield from MyPC Backup. Ian is head of business development for this highly popular backup service and took us through the history and mission of MyPC Backup, and continued by sharing a few interesting facts with us. He revealed that they will be releasing new plans specifically for businesses on May 15th, and talked about their plans to launch a white labe solution for resellers which is due for release the first of June. That and lots more are some of the things we discussed with Ian.

1. Why did you guys start an online backup company?

Having worked in the online hosting industry before, we knew that online backup was very quickly an essential part of everyone’s lives, whether it is for personal or business use. Having researched the market, we found very few complete services, offering a good quality backup product, coupled with extra features that cater to everyone’s needs, and from there our first product, MyPC Backup was born!

2. What differentiates your company from other backup services?

The common perception is that online backup is boring, that unless you are a “techie” it is simply not something you must have, we are all about changing that perception. We believe everyone should be able to simply backup, store and protect everything that is important to him or her. We also believe that file syncing is just as important as backup, in our ever evolving mobile world, the need and desire to access files away from home or work grows, and that what we are all about, offering a complete package for everyone.

3. Could you tell us a bit more about the culture in your company?

We are a young, exciting, and vibrant company employing over 60 staff. Although most of us have had over 10 years experience in our respective fields, very few of us are at the wrong side of 30. We feel this gives us a competitive edge, and a desire to break the mould. We work very hard, but we also play hard too. We like to socialize and often partake in events together, like playing sport and even go karting, we are like the Mini Google of the south coast of England.

4. How has the growth of your company been over the last few months?

Our company is growing at an alarming rate, almost double in size month on month, not only in staff numbers, but customers, and features within our products. We are working on some fantastic new features, like a reseller white label product, as well as iPhone and iPad applications. Our ethos has never changed, and always will be the same, to be the most feature-rich, and best value for money product we can be.

5. Why should a (small) business owner pick you as his/her online backup solution?

Right now, we are perfect backup service for a one-man band, the self-employed user wanting to access his or her records and files wherever they are, while knowing everything is safe. We release our specifically designed business plans on the 15th May – These will range from 100GB – 2TB in size, and will allow the backup, and syncing of networked drives, something some of our competitors do not allow. We are making the final tweaks to them, and we can’t wait for them to be live.

6. What’s the most important reason why customers should use your products and not a competing service?

In my opinion our biggest selling point is how much we have evolved as a company, not just recently but our plans in the future as well. Before we came along the market was saturated with boring designs, basic features, and very little flexibility. We have done a lot of listening to our customers, and have always moulded our product around them. We are a fresh approach to an age-old problem, and we want everyone to come along for the ride!

7. What’s the most amazing data number that you can share with our readers? (e.g. the amount of new data stored on your servers each day, total storage room on your service,…)

In last 6 months we have grown, in the amount of data we have backed up, by 2600%! – We receive well over 300,000 visits to our website every month.

8. What does the future hold for your company? Could you give us a hint on what the next big new feature for your service will be?

Every week I am inundated with requests for a white label service, so from my prospective I believe that will be our next big step. This is due on the 1st of June. I think the guys in the office are more excited about our iPhone and iPad apps. The gentleman that is building and designing them recently won the award for Top Android Market Developer by Google, Inc. – So it’s fair to say that these will be exciting to see and to use.

9. What tips would you like to give readers to move into the cloud, apart from backing up?

Try before you buy, everyone including us, offer a free trial, and there is no shame in downloading and trying a service for free. I would also advise to test the speed of technical support as well, as good support is just as important as the backup service itself. We pride ourselves on our response times, and it is generally a good measure of a company as to how fast an email can be answered. Our average time is around 45 minutes.

10. Anything else that you would like to share with our readers?

On a personal note, I was a bit skeptic of the cloud when I first started here. Having worked in the industry now, I am waxing lyrical about it to all my friends. Like most companies we struggled to begin with, but I truly believe now we offer one of, if not the best services on the market today.