We had the opportunity to interview John DeRegnaucourt, co-founder and president of MyOtherDrive over the weekend. He explains how the company started out, why customers should choose their backup service and what’s in store for the future. As he explains in our Q&A, MyOtherDrive initially started as a photo/file sharing company and evolved into an online backup service. Because of this history, their service is today one of the best solutions for both backing up and sharing files like pictures and videos in the cloud. Be sure to read our interview to learn more about MyOtherDrive.

Why did you guys start an online backup company?

We started the company initially as a file/photo sharing company. However, at some point, we realized that we had a large part of the work completed to be an online backup company. So we listed out the additional features we need to make MyOtherDrive an online backup company (automatic backup, encryption support) and completed those.

We feel that MyOtherDrive is uniquely positioned among its competitors because we have the most advanced file sharing capabilities (public file / folder sharing, private friend-based sharing, and private password-based sharing. These various levels of sharing provide the right sharing options for the right situation. Many file sharing companies support public, or a private, but with MyOtherDrive, you can collaborate with Groups (Circles) of friends, and share amongst just a given group. Create as many groups as needed.

Place friends in as many groups as you want. And if you want to share with a large audience, where you do not have the close relationship? Use password-based sharing. The recipient of the hyperlink to shared folders, files, etc. does not need to have a MyOtherDrive account. They just enter the password and then they have access. Great for sharing photos with the neighborhood soccer team, or sharing the power point presentation to the large audience you just educated.

What differentiates your company from other backup services?

I believe the file sharing mentioned above, as well as our ability to allow you to backup as many computers as you wish with a single online backup account. Some services require you to have a subscription per computer (expensive! And not flexible). Other services are much more expensive.

Could you tell us a bit more about the culture in your company?

Our philosophy is to continually improve our services based on both internal ideas as well as customer feedback. We encourage innovation, and we are continually striving to reduce the complexity of our services while simultaneously improving the offering.

How has the growth of your company been over the last few months?

We are constantly growing.

Why should a (small) business owner pick you as his/her online backup solution?

Our service is low-cost, no frills, and easy to use.

What’s the most important reason why customers should use your products and not a competing service?

We believe the multiple computers with a single subscription combined with our low cost is the compelling reason why customers should choose us over the competition.

What does the future hold for your company? Could you give us a hint on what the next big new feature for your service will be?

Our next big feature will be FTP support, followed by WebDAV support. Supporting these technologies will enable more client software to interact with our service. We may be offering an iPad solution very soon.

What tips would you like to give readers to move into the cloud, apart from backing up?

Embrace the cloud, backup offline, do not rely on USB, NAS, etc. as your sole backup method. These drives fail; lightning really does wipe out computers (and their connected USB drives). Thieves will take not only your computer, but your USB / NAS drive. Tornados have wiped out many computers and their connected USB backups. Cloud backup will prevent your data loss in these and other disaster situations.

Anything else that you would like to share with our readers?

Take MyOtherDrive for a test drive, we offer 2GB free. Launch our File Manager application, play with it. Test out our drag-n-drop upload, sharing features, and of course, our online backup capabilities. For $5 per month, you can protect 100GB of your important data files. We have larger plans for those with more data to protect.

We would like to thank John again for taking some time to do this interview with us. Check us again soon for more interviews and articles on MyOtherDrive.