Though the off site data backup is the trend of the future, consumers question the security and reliability of these relatively new services. The incredible network speeds that are capable in today’s infrastructure and continuing network innovation into the future are ensuring the cloud computing is integrated in escalating aspects of our lives. Email services have already built billion dollar business models based off of digital communication in the cloud. The amount of data we are sharing with one another or simply needing to store is continuing to exponentially grow.

Data in the Cloud

Many people don’t realize the amount of cloud computing they already rely on in an everyday digital world. Facebook, Flickr, Google Docs are just a few of the cloud services the majority of internet users visit on a daily basis. The online community might question the reliability of a cloud file storage integrated within their own OS, but they still continue to trust Facebook or Flickr with their most precious photos and memories. The influx of business data is what will challenge the current notion of cloud computing. A plethora of advantages are given to businesses who put their data in the cloud, availability of real-time statistics, instantaneous data updates across multiple facilities, and communication throughout multiple departments. Professionals are able to move from machine to machine and retain information and data. Businesses can use this technology for everything from accounting to payroll, customer service databases, and presentations.

Google Docs, Flickr, etc are all cloud services.


What is keeping the information in the cloud and out of prying eyes? The amount of businesses looking to restructure their data load brings the question of security to the forefront. A physical hard drive might feel safer, the actual data resting in the security of your office, but Amazon cloud computing is still the safer alternative. When data is stored in the cloud it is stored with all of the other data from other users over a large amount of different servers. This complex web of information is scrambled and extremely difficult to untangle. This creates multiple layers of security. The key to the web and to protecting a users online data is encryption. Every user of the internet uses encryption every time they enter a username and password into a website. Research into what encryption each cloud service offers is essential.

What Services Are Out There?

  • LiveDrive backup service is an award winner. LiveDrive is one of the most convenient services on the web. They give reasonable prices, unlimited file storage space, and have an user friendly interface.
  • DropBox is one of the most popular cloud backup services all for free. They give you up to 100 Gigabytes of storage space and the ability to share media files with a select few users. They have won awards for their secure servers.
  • SugarSync is an online backup service from Sharpcast. SugarSync is one of the simplest backup services online. It uses a real-time backup service that is constantly searching and updating the files on the cloud.