As anyone who is serious about data protection knows, the data on a computer system is of far more worth than the underlying hardware itself. However, having a viable backup solution isn’t the only consideration that can affect your data protection strategy. Something as simple as an OS upgrade can leave your system vulnerable because the software you are using may not be compatible.

Everyone knows how reliable the marketing literature on “backwards compatibility” is. That is what gives KineticD with their cloud storage solution “KineticCloud” a tactical advantage to both new and existing clients: Windows 8 compatibility. Their product offering is now genuinely certified for the latest release of Windows 8 and thus far there aren’t any other players who can make that claim. Will other products work on Windows 8 by relying on the new OS’ backwards compatibility for applications? Maybe. That answer is okay for some things, but for the application that you entrust your data to it needs to be absolute.

KineticCloud isn’t targeting run of the mill use on a thrown away computer. It’s meant for small to mid-size businesses where a loss of business data will negatively impact business operations. So if the tone of this article sounds paranoid, it’s meant to be. Having myself taken part in numerous disaster recovery exercises over the years for a large telecom or even for my children’s orthodontist whose systems I support, I have seen how data loss affects a business. Computer failure is the one certainty just as death is to all the living. It must be prepared for and safe guarded against.

The benefits of KineticCloud continue forward with the Windows 8 platform and they are principally:

  • Hybrid backup feature: It combines a local backup with the cloud backup to prevent a single-point of failure in the protection of business data.
  • Performance: End-users are not likely to know that backups are even occurring due to the light footprint the process takes as it performs real-time incremental backups.
  • Encryption: 448-bit blowfish encryption, which protects data from hackers and is sufficiently high to meet current HIPAA standards for patient medical information (for those clients in health care) and already meets proposed PIPA standards should those eventually get put into law.

Most businesses do not think of backups and with time forget all about it. With KineticCloud your business too can forget about backups but unlike the rest, you’ll have the security that your data solution meets current technology requirements.