KineticD reviews

KineticD is a dependable cloud backup provider that offers users a number of different features and perks that are necessary in a backup service. This backup company has been working on cloud storage technologies for several years now. Both small businesses and enterprises can get their own dedicated cloud with KineticD and start to enjoy the advantages of having your own safe offsite backup system. Their cloud solutions work well with different technologies such as MS Exchange, VMware and many other popular technologies. KineticD is the ultimate cloud storage expert, which is something they achieved through their acquisition of Robobak.

Main Features of KineticD

They offer complete data recovery in the event of a crash, security to prevent unauthorized access from occurring, incremental backups to ensure that backup only occurs when files are changed, data protection and a local backup section and vault. It’s primary feature and focus is to provide secure data backups when your business needs and expects them.

Who is This Online Backup Service for?

The service is geared more towards small or medium-sized businesses. Businesses typically have customer and business-only information that would create quite a conflict if it was lost or stolen. Since the backups are done on a regular basis and the information is secure from intruders, it offers a reliable solution to ensuring data is intact.

Is KineticD Easy to Use?

KineticD can be accessed on PC’s, Macs and servers by simply signing up for an account and downloading the backup client to determine the types of data you want to back up and how often you want the backup to occur.

Customer Service KineticD

If you or your business does have problems, questions or concerns with the service there are multiple means you can use to contact and get in touch with customer service. You can either send them an email or call their customer service hotline to get live help right over the phone.

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