LiveDrive reviews

LiveDrive is a company innovating in technology that will vastly change the way people store and use their files, photos, music, and other media. The purpose of the company is simple – to get people away from storing files on their PC and move them into the cloud. LiveDrive is your personal storage account for the web. Plus, it has unlimited file storage forever. Whatever kind of computer you have – PC, Linux, or Mac – you can use LiveDrive. It’s not as complicated as FTP services and your own server to store all your files. LiveDrive was launched 3 years ago, but it already has 500,000 customers.


Main Features of LiveDrive

The main features of LiveDrive vary across type of package purchased, but in general you can do the following things. You can sync files across multiple devices, use the same files on different types of computers, share files easily across the Internet, automatically back up your computers, and the ability to use the same files wherever you go.

Who is This Online Backup Service for?

This service is for individuals, professionals, and businesses. It is also for resellers. If you have customers that might need LiveDrive, you can start selling the packages.

Is LiveDrive Easy to Use?

LiveDrive is incredibly easy to use. There are features like one click sharing. Customer testimonials on the site talk about how easy it is to use.

Customer Service LiveDrive Online Backup

LiveDrive’s customer service is extremely responsive and willing to work with you until you understand every detail perfectly. The free trial period is a mark of the consideration the company shows for customers that are just getting started out with the software.

There is a difference in the kind of customer support you get at LiveDrive versus other companies. The company claims it has “outstanding support”, and it is available “whenever you need them”. The customer service 24/7 by e-mail, all e-mails are answered in 24 hours, 24/7 monitoring by technicians, and you are even encouraged to contact customer support and see how it works.


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