Memopal reviews

Memopal is a hot start-up company based in Europe that began with a $1 million investment from Business Angels. The company aims to help bring order and longevity to the digital culture by making it easy to store and retrieve online backups in a way that is cost effective and efficient. Memopal suits the needs of businesses, as well as consumers who want an online storage space for personal use. You can easily get free extra storage space if some of your friends start using the service as well. Data security is one of the most important things for Memopal; therefore they have invested a lot of their time in finding solutions to protect your data.

Main Features of Memopal

Memopal is a real-time data backup solution that uses background services on a computer to upload data to a secure server for later retrieval. Whenever a computer experiences hardware failure, users don’t need to panic because they always have the latest version of their files at their fingertips.

Who is This Online Backup Service for?

Corporate enterprises, small businesses and private individuals who need data survivability can use Memopal. When computers and hard drives fail, they can quickly retrieve business documents, personal photos and other important files with little or no disruption to their lives and businesses.

Memopal is also for people who need to share large files for business or personal use. After all, some files are simply too big to send via e-mail and sometimes FTP and other Internet services are not available.

Is Memopal Easy to Use?

Ease of use is one feature that makes Memopal better than competing solutions. While maintaining strong security credentials, the service easily installs on computers. Meanwhile, their smartphone apps make it easy to access backed-up files from anywhere wireless data connections are available.

Customer Service Memopal

Memopal customer service is available via self-service options on the company website and via email. In most cases, Memopal representatives will answer support requests within 24 hours. Customers may also contact customer support via telephone.

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