MyOtherDrive reviews

MyOtherDrive is a popular online file storage and sharing service. Founded in 2005, the company stores millions of files and content online for individual and business customers. Customers trust their files with MyOtherDrive because their servers provide the security and reliability that external hard-drive storage cannot provide. By backing up your photosmovies and other valuable data with MyOtherDrive, you can be sure that your data won’t be forever lost when your computer dies or when you’re suffering from viruses or other malware.

Main Features of MyOtherDrive

One of MyOtherDrive’s key features is the ability to securely backup content from multiple computers. The service can even provide unattended backup that automatically backs up data in selected folders. Sharing files is another one of the service’s main features. Users can use the service for private file sharing by sending protected links to individual recipients. Recipients must enter a user name and password to view the private files. Users can also share files publicly by sending links and even allowing search engines to index the files. Anyone with the links to the publicly-shared files can view them.

Who is This Online Backup Service For?

The online file backup, storage and sharing services by MyOtherDrive are ideal for both home and business users. Home users can enjoy the free 2 GB of storage for online photo storage and free online backups of documents, music and more. Businesses can utilize the backup, storage and sharing services for plans offering storage capabilities of 1, 2, 5 and 10 GB.

Is MyOtherDrive Easy to Use?

MyOtherDrive is easy for users of all technical capabilities to use. The user interface is simple to use. To backup or store files and folders, you simply drag your files from the storage location of your computer to the MyOtherDrive desktop and then click the start button to begin uploading the content.

Customers Service MyOtherDrive

A customer can find solutions and answers to most problems and questions on the online FAQs section or troubleshooting guide. If the solutions or answers aren’t found in those resources, then the customer can contact customer support via email. The company doesn’t offer telephone customer support.

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