MyPCBackup is a small desktop application for computers running on Windows. It provides online computer backups for all of a user’s computers to a single cloud, and despite its name the software works on both Windows- and Mac-computers. The files are backing up on a continual basis, so users can access them anywhere, from any device. Meanwhile, they can still easily access their files from anywhere and from any type of device.

Main Features Of MyPCBackup

MyPCBackup’s online backup software enables users to sync their files across all devices, from computers to mobile phones. Mobile file sharing allows users to access files, and back them up, from their smartphones. If they so choose, they can even share files with family and friends. The application provides unlimited storage space, and file protection safeguards sensitive data. MyPCBackup also offers around-the-clock technical support.

Who Is This Online Backup Service For?

MyPCBackup file syncMyPCBackup is compatible with all Windows operating systems – Windows 2000, Windows XPWindows VistaWindows 7. Despite its name “MyPCBackup”, this service is also available for Mac users. The application is ideal for anyone who wants an easy, 100-percent automated way to do computer backups. Encrypted and secure, the application is a safe way to back up computer files on an ongoing basis.

Is MyPCBackup Easy To Use?

Cloud storageMyPCBackup is very easy to implement. Users simply choose the computer files or folders they want to back up, and the program automatically saves changes when new files are created. Users who choose a backup schedulecan set it and forget it


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