Nero BackItUp reviews

Nero produces software for CD and DVD authoring and entertainment software. They also contribute services to the storage field with Nero BackItUp, which allows users to back up sensitive information. It was originally introduced with the Nero 6, 7 and 8 suites. It was also introduced into Nero Multimedia Suite 10.

Main Features of Nero BackItUp

Nero BackItUp makes it much easier to back up digital files and eliminates the need to manually back up on a regular basis. It’s possible to do a manual backup if necessary with a single click, but it’s optional instead of essential. It can also create bootable backups to restore a hard drive in its entirety. After files get deleted or damaged, they can be restored or recovered in minutes. Drive backups are scheduled on an intermittent basis.

Who is This Online Backup Service for?

Using an online backup service is useful if you need to keep files stored for access on multiple computers. It’s also more reliable and keeps data preserved in the event of a system crash or damage to a disc. Using the cloud file storage, the data is synced and stored on the server.

Is Nero BackItUp Easy to Use?

The software is incredibly easy to use and allows users to back up information with a simple click of a button after selecting which types of files to keep stored. The server stores the files for the duration of your subscription and is accessible at any time.

Customer Service Nero BackItUp

Customer service and support at Nero BackItUp is available for the service while subscribed. You not only can select from different packages, which have selective storage sizes or terms of the subscription, but you also have access to a live chat service to assist with account or software problems. If the live chat is unavailable, you can also send an email or make a call to their technical support service.

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