Norton Online Backup

Norton, a brand of the company Symantec, isn’t just known for its state of the art antivirus software, they also have a secure online backup service called Norton Online Backup. There’s a free trial of Norton Online Backup that allows you to use the service for 30 days and gives you up to 25GB of space. After the 30 days, the price is $49 a year for up to 25GB of storage. More storage may be purchased as needed.

Main Features of Norton Online Backup

  • Backup any file type such as music, photos and videos
  • Set up a schedule to automatically backup files
  • Set it up to only backup files that have changed since the last backup
  • Access the files from any computer, iPhone or Android smartphone
  • Backup files from up to 5 computers with account
  • Works on PC’s and Macs
  • Files may be shared with other people

Who is This Online Backup Service for?

Norton Online Backup allows people to backup data on an “offsite” location. If something should happen to the computer, the files are safe and may be copied to a new computer quickly.

People who need to access files from multiple computers will find this service valuable. Files can be backed up from a desktop at home and accessed at the office or while on the road. This ability to access files anywhere means not having to remember to make copies on CD or flash drives to take with you.

Is Norton Online Backup Easy to Use?

Once an account is created with Norton Online backup, a small software program is installed onto your computer. This program allows you to select the files to be backed up and set up the schedule so important data will be backed up automatically. If you can use the tools on your computer to find and work with files, you can use the Norton Online Backup software.

Customer Service

Because Norton Online Backup is being offered by Symantec, there is already an extensive customer support network in place. Support may be received via online access to their knowledge base, email or phone. Symantec has over 25 years of experience working with data. They are putting that knowledge to use by rolling out a new way to backup data to the cloud with Norton Online Backup.

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