It doesn’t matter if you are using a home computer or a work computer, losing data can be a costly event. Losing that data will cost you time, money and possibly both. The good news is there is a way for computer users to prepare in advance. That is by subscribing to an online backup service. The online backup service will copy the files off your computer to a server somewhere other than your location at times you set up with the service you subscribe to. Some services may only allow one backup per day; others may offer several backups during the day. Choosing the type of service depends on the amount of work you do each day and how costly losing it will be for you or your company.

Protect Your Data Without Losing Access

You can set your service to do automatic backups on as many computers as you are subscribed to the service to backup. It can even backup network servers that you use at your company. These online backups don’t only protect you from intentional damage, they protect you from accidental mistakes as well. Think about how many times someone in your company has accidentally deleted an important file, or an entire folder from your network directory. That is no longer a disaster, as you can contact your service provider to get a copy of the backup folder or files.

Make Offsite Online Backups

If you have a large-scale data issue such as one of your local servers or your hard drive going back, automatic backups can be programmed to load all of the missing data back onto your servers or computers. No longer are you at the mercy of hard disk failures costing you precious time and data when they go bad. Large corporations aren’t the only ones that can use this service. Think about your digital photograph collection at home. That’s probably taken months and more likely years to assemble. What would happen if those sectors on your hard drive were damaged?

Without an online backup, that time and those memories would be gone. Online backups can protect you from employees as well. If an employee is fired or quits and has an agenda against the company he could attempt to delete all the important files he completed on his computer. His efforts will end up just wasting his own time though, as you will have them saved on an online backup.