SafeCopy review

SafeCopy takes a unique approach to creating an effective backup solution for people that use computers. Instead of focusing on one individual and computer, the company decided to create a backup application that would gather the data from an entire family. Every computer that a household uses and all the information that is spread throughout the system can be easily archived with a SafeCopy solution. This idea is meant to provide peace of mind and ensure that no data is forgotten about or neglected because it is located on a different machine. With a proactive approach to safeguarding important data, this archive solution retains data in times of emergency.

Main Features of SafeCopy

The features of SafeCopy are meant to simply the process of backing up multiple computers. Using one account, it is possible to create an archive of every machine, regardless of the type. The application supports Mac, Linux and Windows operating systems. This reduces the need to acquire different programs for each of the various operating systems.

Who is This Online Backup Service for?

The program also enables anyone the ability to access and share files from a variety of locations. Regardless of the size of the data, the program will let the user send a file to someone else with a single click of the mouse. File sharing can be implemented in one central location that anyone with an account can access.

Is SafeCopy Easy to Use?

SafeCopy was designed to be usable by even someone with limited computer experience. All of the actions can be performed in a straight forward manner and the user interface is intuitive in nature.

Customer Service SafeCopy Online Backup

For anyone that may experience problems with using SafeCopy, customer service representatives stand ready to provide assistance. With a comprehensive support page and contact details, solving a problem is only an email away.

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