With plenty of online backup companies and similar services available on the market, it might get a bit confusing at times to choose a company to trust your precious data to. Every now and then we compose lists of what we think are some of the best cloud storage and backup solutions around on the market. This time we decided to include Live Mesh from Microsoft, as well as ZipCloud in our listing. Head through to find out which other companies we picked for our list of some of the best cloud-based backup tools:

1. Dropbox

Simply the simplest. Dropbox (customer reviews here) is one of the most efficient, highly rated, and stylish cloud-based back ups on the web. If you are looking to access your files from your home computer, office, friend’s computer or a mobile device Dropbox has you covered. The service comes with a few tiers. A free service is provided with 2GB of online storage, an option for 50GB for only $9.95/month, and $19.95/month for 100GB.

Businesses will be interested in the Dropbox Teams option that includes 1TB split between five individual users and tech support. The service requires the Dropbox client installed on your main computer and also installed as an app on your smartphone for mobile access. Dropbox also analyzes changes in a file and only updates the chunks of a file that changed. For example, a 40MB file might only have 2MB of the information changed. Instead of the whole file being uploaded, only the changed 2MB is brought to the cloud during the update.

2. Windows Live Mesh

From the folks at Microsoft, Windows Live Mesh is a free online data backup that also allows files to be shared across multiple computers. Every user is given a free Windows Live SkyDrive that contains a large 5GB of free online backup storagespace. Another handy feature allows users to transfer files with a file size of up to 40GB from computer to computer. Remote Desktop Access through the same account makes this service one of the most useful on the web.

3. LiveDrive

LiveDrive offers a variety of backup solutions, but all at a price. Their basic package at $7.95 gives you unlimited backup of all the files on your computer, though with no dedicated cloud-only space. For $15.95 they offer the same service, but also including an additional 2GB of personal online storage space in an online “briefcase”. The $15 version also includes Facebook and Flickr integration from within the service. Both services include a mobile application that is available for download. The basic package allows for a user to view files on their computer through the mobile app, and the briefcase allows for uploading files as well as downloading those on the cloud.

4. ZipCloud

ZipCloud (you can find customer reviews of this company on our site) gives you unlimited automated backup that is secure. For only $4.95 a month ZipCloud gives its users unlimited storage on their cloud servers. Users can sync files from computer to computer and are given 24/7 tech support.

5. SugarSync

A gem in the world of online cloud backup, SugarSync does it right by giving every user 5GB of storage space for free. Users are able to download the innovative application on their computer and select which folders to watch for online backup. Changes made remotely are synced back to your computer the next time your are online. Multiple users can sync to a folder and share changes with each other. For example, families can have a photos folder where they can all add pictures to share and download.