SOS Online Backup reviews

SOS online backup is a data backup service that encompasses almost every popular computing platform. They are geared toward both home and businessapplications, with a high-quality server backup and recovery service. The SOS brand was established over a decade ago, and has been helping customers protect their data ever since. After PC Magazine, Expert Reviews and The Wall Street Journal completed an SOS Online Backup review, the company was presented with a number of awards for their service and support.

Main Features of SOS Online Backup

Backup services are available for desktops and laptops, servers, and mobile devices, like iPhones and iPads. They can also secure and store Facebook data. SOS Online Backup is able to maintain all of this data in one, easily accessible location. At the same time, they utilize a military grade, triple layer security system that prevents any unauthorized access.

Who is This Online Backup Service for?

The SOS online backup company has made their service available for almost any purpose. Homeowners can expect an easy backup experience with the SOS home edition, while business owners have all the functionality they need to ensure data protection.

Is SOS Online Backup Easy to Use

After a simple download and installation, the backup program will continue to store every version of every file you create. There is no backup management required, and users who are not “tech-savvy” will find their SOS experience a very easy one.

Customer Service SOS Online Backup

SOS Online Backup provides 24/7 phone, email and online chat support. Users can connect with a backup representative at any time to assist them with questions or accessing their files.

How is SOS Online Backup connected to Major Geeks?

The well known freeware and shareware company Major Geeks, has partnered with SOS online backup to provide a backup solution for Major Geek users. As a highly respected software provider, this Major Geek endorsement speaks very highly of the quality experience and reliability customers can expect with SOS Online Backup.

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