SpiderOak Reviews

SpiderOak Online Backup provides encrypted, redundant, online file storage for data backup, file sharing and data synchronization. SpiderOak provides cross-platform support, including file sync and sharing between Windows, Mac, and Linux. SpiderOak provides automatic cross-platform backup, file sharing and sync functionality. It allows backup of any type of file and many databases, including Exchange, MySQL, Oracle, and anything you could backup with tapes.


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Main Features of SpiderOak

Data integrity is provided through a multiple redundancy strategy that includes point-in-time recovery and protection from accidental deletions. As part of their backup service, SpiderOak provides complete version history for every file stored, with every version accessible by date stamp. SpiderOak provides “zero knowledge” backup, meaning that data encrypted during transfer to and storage in SpiderOak’s servers is not even readable by SpiderOak.

Who is This Online Backup Service for?

SpiderOak is for users of Windows, Mac, or Linux, who need to backup, sync, or share data in a centralized location. It is for users who want to share data without the receiver of the file needing to install dedicated software.

Is SpiderOak Easy to Use?

SpiderOak automatically backs up changed and added files that have been tagged for backup. Data on the SpiderOak server can be accessed via the web from any internet device.

Customer Service

The suggested method of contacting customer service is through e-mail. SpiderOak does not provide guarantees on customer support responsiveness, but it does make the claim that, “the CEO and founders of SpiderOak intentionally respond personally to a significant portion of all customer service and support issues”.

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