Sugar Sync reviews

Sugar Sync

Online backup services like SugarSync and cloud computing has become the new trend for business. This type of storage allows businesses to back up their data and retrieve it from different locations. SugarSync provides access to online backup services, including many helpful features.

Main Features of SugarSync

SugarSync allows for remote file access and folder sharing. It provides the ability to file sync between various devices. Mobile devices, including Android and iPhone devices, are able to be part of the synch process with SugarSync. Free online backups are included in various amounts, depending on the package that is purchased. SugarSync allows for streaming of music to mobile devices, including Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

Who is This Online Backup Service for?

Both individuals and business professionals can benefit from the services of SugarSync. For individuals, the ability to sync their personal computer with mobile devices can truly help them to continue to live their lives while on the go. For business professionals, important documents are never more than a few clicks away, no matter where they may find themselves. Never miss an important client again because you are not able to retrieve a previous document.

Is SugarSync Easy to Use?

Although there is no support for the Linux operating system, SugarSync is available for most other platforms. Whether using the WindowsMac or mobile platforms, users will find that the system is very intuitive and easy to learn. Great documentation combines with excellent customer service to provide a successful experience.

Customer Service SugarSync Online Backup

Plenty of excellent customer service exists for SugarSync. Help can be found through online help, community forums, written documentation, video tutorials and an excellent customer service portal. Members of the online community join together to help each other around the clock in the community forums. For those tougher questions, chat and email support are available, during certain times of the day.

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