Using an offsite backup is a strategy storing data at a different location. Usually, the folders, files and all the contents found on the hard drive are backed up using an internet connection on a remote server.

The main idea behind offsite backups is very easy with the benefits being quite evident. By securing the data on a remote server with Backblaze or another backup service, the risk associated with data loss that may be caused by a natural disaster, technical complication, theft or any other cause is eliminated. In case it becomes difficult to access your office building, all the data can easily be recovered if a back up is in place. Online backup services are very important for every business since no one can ever be too safe with electronic data.

Protect Your Most Important Asset: Your Data

With a an internet interface and web browser, the remote folders and files appear as though they are already stored on to the external hard drive. Many of the organizations are aware of the need to protect one of their most important assets – data. Other factors that can also lead to data loss include:

  • Natural disasters
  • Virus
  • Hardware failure
  • Human errors
  • Loss of computer or laptop

The main benefit of the offsite data backup method used by Backblaze and other companies is that it is simple, safe and cost friendly as compared to the traditional approach that involved tape backup. The disadvantage of the tape backup method is the high initial cost and maintenance expenses. This strategy is not hassle-free since you even have to have internal staff to provide support especially when urgent data requires to be retrieved. Offsite data backup is a contemporary method that has provided an easier way out.

Advantages of Offsite Data Backups

  • Financially Beneficial – cheaper approach as compared to the traditional tape backup method
  • Convenient – the procedure can be totally automated or it can be done manually
  • Dependable – many of the providers store data on mirror disk servers that are of superior quality. These servers are often maintained and checked to ensure that they are working properly
  • Safe – the information is protected using a password and code as well as encryption
  • Efficient- the restoration of the files is done in minutes
  • No capital expense- One does not have to buy costly hardware or software
  • Cost Effective – the online backup services offered are usually affordable

Securing data using offshore data backups is utilized by businesses all over the globe. Irrespective of the size of the organization, online backup services are very vital to ensure that data is secured in case of loss. It is worth noting that there is no alternative for offsite data backups and this has led most organizations to embrace the strategy.