When it comes to online backup services, you shouldn’t have to choose. The service you choose should boot, upload and download as fast as possible, it should be easily accessible, secure and of course convenient. Upload and especially download times shouldn’t stall productivity. Here’s three of the top backup services available, ready to maximize your time and process.


SugarSync is regarded as the best customizable file synchronization service. With impressive multimedia functionality, it doesn’t just perform efficient online backups. It syncs your data across multiple computers and internet enabled personal devices quickly. Once your files, music or photos are backed up with SugarSync, access them on any computer or device instantly. While most online backup services force customers to place data in a single folder, SugarSync allows the user to back up to folders of your choice. No longer retrieve files and then organize them. Saved changes to your files will also be saved across your devices.


Automatic is as fast as it gets. MyPCBackup.com lets you decide which files and folders to sync and where. It works in the background so productivity isn’t held up for a second. The data is consistently backed up and ready. Start a presentation at your desk, work on it during the train ride on your tablet and finish it up on your computer at home. There’s no need to slap your forehead because you forgot the flash drive. Share files and folders with friends and colleagues with no lag. MyPCBackup saves you valuable time.


SpiderOak is a free online sharing, synchronization, backup, storage and remote access cloud system. SpiderOak stands out across the board as an online backup tool for all OS users. Back up, share, access, snyc and store data on some of the fastest off site servers available. SpiderOak provides access in a single de-duplicated location. Using comprehensive zero knowledge data encryption, you can retrieve any file, historical and deleted, rapidly on any internet-connected device.



These are three of the top online backup services with the fastest speeds and most reliable, outstanding service. Backup and storage; synchronizing files and folders; accessing your data at your convenience; and securing your information using the latest encryption technology available, all done in seamless cloud storage environments that don’t cost you time or stall productivity. If you need to up the ante with your current backup services, we’ve given you an excellent head start.

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