Since the recording of business transactions is vital to a business’ life, each business must retain records for several years. Various laws govern the length of retention for different types of records.

Why Online Backups for Your Business Data?

With modern storage devices, millions of records may be maintained in a small amount of space. However, no matter what media are used, there is the possibility that the media will reach the point that it cannot be read. This disaster happens to all media whether it’s the hard drive, flash drive, or compact disc. Therefore, each business should consider the advantages of online backups. There are many online backup services from which to choose. All of them offer backup services at periodic intervals, unlimited storage, and data encryption.

How Safe Are Online Backups?

Files that are transferred from a computer to the internet must be encrypted to maintain their privacy. Since different methods of encryption are available, varying degrees of protection are possible. After files are transmitted, they are stored in vaults. The vault may be thought of as cloud technology in which we see data enter and exit without being concerned with what happens to it while it’s in the cloud.

The three basic methods of encryption are hashing, symmetric cryptography, and asymmetric cryptography. Various algorithms have been devised to protect fields, files, and database levels. Only authorized personnel are allowed to access the data for which they have permission.

Since business records are vital to a business, they are also protected by laws and statutes. These laws and statutes give the business additional assurance that the records will be available when needed.

Data Exchange – The Basics

Four basic components are required for data exchange:

    • It is Initiated with something or someone starting the action. It may be initiated by a person or the task scheduler.
    • Data formats must be common with both systems. The documents used must be changed to another schema in order to be transferred. There are several available, but XML is the most common.
    • Data transfer mechanisms are required to get from one application to another. The most common methods for simple transfer of data to the web are Standard Object Access Protocol and Representational State Transfer.
    • The final component is transformation and validation. When entering new records, you should check to be certain that the record does not exist in the destination file.

File Sharing

File sharing allows several people to share the same files. When files are stored online, they are available to each person who is allowed access. The files are stored using the cloud technology and are protected.