Computers may be expensive, but the files they store are even more valuable. People keep so much information on computers that creating backups has become a day-to-day necessity. There’s some disagreement on which type of backup is best, but if you take a close look you’ll find that online backup services are superior.

What’s the Difference?

Offline backups cannot be performed while a database is running. They are created a single time and stored. From there, they cannot be altered. You have a stable copy, but only of one moment. Online backups, on the other hand, can be performed while a database runs normally. Activity doesn’t need to stop; manual activation is not a requirement.

Why is Online Better?

Online backups present a number of benefits. In the past, they were sometimes outweighed by benefits of cost and difficulty, but times are changing. Cheap and easyonline backup systems like Carbonite and Backblaze allow users to back up their data without dealing with high fees. With cost disadvantages disappearing, the superiority of online backups becomes apparent.


If you make an offline backup, chances are you’re saving it right back to your computer or to an external hard drive. That’s just fine for a few corrupted files, but what if someone stole your computer? Hard drives aren’t theft-proof either; you never know what will catch a burglar’s eye. With online backup software you can have your data stored in a secure space and put it on a new machine later.


Offline backup has one very annoying necessity. You must stop all work within a database in order to manually perform a backup. In addition to decreasing productivity this leaves a lot of room for human error. It’s incredibly easy to forget to do an updated backup.

Imagine that you lost all of your files in a crash. You’re thankful because you have a backup. When you go to retrieve your information, though, it hasn’t been updated in a month because you forgot about it. If you’re like most people that would set you back considerably. You can easily lose critical files due to small mistakes. Online backups provide a much more reliable source of security.

Check the Pricetags

Leading offline backup programs cost up to $100. That’s not a steep price to pay for the safety of your files, but it’s not pocket change either. One of the top online backup services, Backblaze, charges only $5 per month. Over time that does add up to more than the price of an offline program, but it’s all about the price compared to what you get. When you consider the lesser efficiency of offline software, the money doesn’t seem worth it.

Everyone needs a good backup program. You deserve to have safe files. Online backups are the best way to achieve that security with minimal trouble and maximum efficiency.