ZipCloud is an online file storage service where anyone can sync, backup, and restore files, folders, photos, documents, and other data. ZipCloud provides services as a unique bundle for both PC- and Mac-users. Online backup, file syncingfile sharing, and online storage are all provided for the price of standard backup service. You can use ZipCloud to sync all your files (or just the ones you choose) across multiple computers and other devices. You can easily decide which files or folders you want to sync and choose where to sync them to. Syncing the files prepares them for full backups or to backup updated documents since your last backup.

Main Features of ZipCloud

  • Syncing multiple devices
  • Mobile access
  • Sharing files
  • Protecting files
  • Scheduling of backups

ZipCloud cloud file storageYou also have the power to access, explore, and backup all your files from your mobile devices. You can share files and folders with friends, family, and business associates. Your files are protected from damage, theft, and other harmful things.

Who is This Online Backup Service for?

ZipCloud is simple online cloud storage that anyone can use to backup documents, photos, music, and more. Offsite backups and cloud storage are beneficial for many reasons; both provide short-term or long-term disaster relief.

Your home or office could be damaged by what is considered a short-term disaster, which could include theft, fire, flooding, or any damage to a computer such as a hard drive crash. Long-term disasters could be an event that would cause you to have to completely relocate to another home or office. With offsite backups and cloud storage, you can recover and restore your data conveniently, quickly, and easily from another computer and/or another home or office.

Is ZipCloud Easy to Use?

ZipCloud file sync with mobile appsZipCloud works in the background, uploading your files to the cloud. Your data is ready to be synced to other devices. Your files and folders get backed up and are available to you any time.

Here are the easy steps to begin using ZipCloud:

1. Sign up for ZipCloud.
2. Download the ZipCloud application.
3. Backup your computer. Perform a full backup first and then let ZipCloud do the rest

Customer Service ZipCloud Online Backup

There are many support methods and help for ZipCloud including:

  • A Quick Start Guide
  • Email support
  • Billing Support

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